Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED

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Since 2016, APCEIU has been running the Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED withover 200 youth leaders.

On-site Workshop

The selected participants were invited to Korea to attend the on-site workshop for a week. Workshop programmes for each year have a focus area ranging from human rights to youth advocacy that are relevant and useful to youth. Alongside the lectures and seminars on various topics, the on-site workshop programme enables the participants to broaden their perspectives and understanding on diverse issues through dynamic discussions and interactions among the peer participants, which in turn equip them with capacities to apply the lessons from the workshop experience into their real lives.

※ Due to COVID-19 pandemic, both in 2020 and 2021, the Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED will be conducted online, instead of on-site workshop.



Narrative Building
Narrative building sessions highlighted critical issues around global citizenship and its education both through lectures on global citizenship theoretical frame works as well as case studies of global citizenship education in participants’ regional contexts. These sessions also emphasized the role of youth as both learners and agents of change. While deepening their understanding of GCED, participants had the opportunities to discuss the priority issues and challenges as well as identify the relevant entry points in their local contexts. Another component of the Narrative Building segment of the Workshop were story sharing sessions where representatives from social advocacy and activist groups were invited to share their works with the participants. In addition, as the participants themselves are young leaders with their own initiatives, the Workshop also included a session for participants to share their own projects.


Developing Youth Advocacy
Developing Youth Advocacy sessions aimed to equip participants with the ability to utilize the tools, skills and knowledge learned in the workshop to contribute to solving both global challenges as well as issues within their local communities. The sessions introduced the Youth Advocacy Toolkit by GCED Youth Network with interactive exercises. Participants worked in groups by regions and based on their areas of interest developed advocacy plans and campaigns to foster global citizenship. Action plans developed by the groups were then presented during the final presentation session.


Reflection & Synthesis
Alongside sessions aimed at skills development and GCED understanding, the Workshop included reflection and synthesis sessions. These were not only designed to help participants recap learning points from other sessions, but also to allow the participants to take a step back and critically think about how the things they learned link with one another.


Experiential Learning & Study Visits
To further enhance the participants’ learning, the Workshop’s program included interactive study visits to several GCED-related institutions in Seoul and a tour around experiential learning facilities at ACPEIU. The participants visited the APCEIU Global Citizen Campus, Women & War Museum, Democracy & Human Rights Memorial Hall and Seoul Upcycling Plaza.


Cultural Exchanges
As intercultural understanding is an important aspect of global citizenship, the Workshop offered platforms for the participants to immerse themselves in different cultural experiences. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the lives of Arabs together with the gender and peace issues in the region through a movie screening at the 8th Arab Film Festival in Korea. The Cultural Night was an event organized by the participants themselves to celebrate the diversity of participants’ cultural backgrounds.

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