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Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) is committed to empowering youth by providing a platform where young people can meet, share, and work together to drive changes towards a Culture of Peace at various levels. The Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED, organized by APCEIU, has been held annually since 2016 in collaboration with partners including GCED Youth Network.
Held in Seoul for a week, the workshop has invited around 40 dynamic youth leaders around the world, including those from developing countries and representatives of marginalized groups. Selected from thousands of applicants, the final participants take lectures on GCED, thematic areas related to GCED, youth advocacy, etc. They can also get the opportunity to participate in such various activities as study visit, cultural exchange, and hands-on activities.

※ Due to COVID-19 pandemic, since the 6th Youth Leadership Workshop in 2020, online workshop has been conducted instead of on-site workshop.

Organizers and Partners




Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea

Cooperation Partner

GCED Youth Network


Accommodations, meals and local transportation during the workshop

Round-trip international airfare to and from Seoul, Korea ※ Participants will be responsible for the domestic travel expenses and visa fees in their own countries

Certificates of completion


Between 19 and 28 years of age

Citizens of both the ODA recipient countries and UNESCO member states

Minimum 2 years of active experience in youth activities

Proficiency in spoken and written English

Completion of the e-learning course

Messages form previous participants

My name is Claudine Uwizeyimana, Burundian by nationality but based in Zimbabwe. I have a great passion to serve humanity. As a displaced young lady, attending the 5th youth leadership workshop on GCED was a life-changing experience. When one is stateless, you have a lot pulling you down, and the mind is always unstable. Displaced youths are left out in effecting positive social change in their various communities. At times you want to participate but the mind will be closed and surrounded by much bad life experience, hence, we turn to live the present and forget the future. But understanding the concept of who is a Global Citizen helped and changed a lot in me. It’s not about having a nationality anymore, it’s not about boundaries, it’s not about being in my own country, it’s not about wages, but now, it about understanding that the planet is our home, and making it more just, peaceful, secure, and sustainable should be everyone's ultimate goal, duty, and a way of life, locally-globally. Joining the team was indeed a mind opener, despite all, I now enjoy giving back to the community more than ever, I value my present, work for the brighter future ahead of me and help others to do the same!

Claudine Uwizeyimana

This workshop was one of the most pleasing experiences in my life, how not when it is in South Korea! a country of civilization and prosperity In this workshop, the horizons of our thinking as global citizens expanded thus the spirit of the global citizen was strengthened in us. By introducing the most imperative skills and knowledge needed to achieve a sustainable lifestyle based on respect for human rights and the promotion of peace. It introduced us to the foundations of thinking and finding sustainable solutions that would help achieve the goals of sustainable development. This workshop full of intense and enjoyable lectures, given by experienced and creative people in their work. We went on field tours and learned about the history of Korean culture. Furthermore we visited museums and the Arab Film Festival. One of the most interesting things, is that this event provided us with space for cultural friction. We got to know global citizens from different parts of the world. We shared ideas, got to know the cultures of many countries. And came up with new ideas to implement in our countries Thank you Korea, thanks APCEIU. Can’t express how deeply I appreciate that I was selected, and how lucky I am to participate in such an event!

Mirage Jwayyed

Attending the 5th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED was a turning point for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of viewing, understanding, and approaching education. I was able to learn in-depth about the concept of GCED and, most of all, think of new ways to apply it in my own personal context, both personally and professionally. I was able to expand my network to several new countries and make some new lifelong friends. I'm glad I can continue to be in touch with GCED promotion by being a GCED Online Campus Ambassador, and I will forever be honored and grateful to be part of such an amazing, world-wide community.

Melisa Lindley

The 5th Youth Leadership Workshop was a life changing experience to me, as it allowed me to learn not only from the very professional speakers and facilitators but also from my colleagues and their experiences around Global Citizenship Education. It allowed me to develop my leadership skills and motivated me to continue going the extra mile towards making a more sustainable society. It also gave me a great network of talented youth leaders which are developing their own projects as well, so even if the event already passed, I still keep learning from them, as well as from APCEIU through the GCEDOnlineCampus. I feel truly grateful for this whole experience.

Reynaldo García

The 5th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED organized by APCEIU is one of the most memorable moments in my life and the knowledge I acquired from various lectures, activities and visits is immeasurable. I created life-long networks and friendships and shared cultures with other Youth Leaders from various countries. It was definitely a life-changing experience.

Jackline Njihia

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